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About us

Founded in 1860, Carmeuse represents more than 150 years of experience in the production and supply of lime and limestone products across the globe

TECforLime was launched in 2018. It is a new platform for services and solutions owned 100% by the Carmeuse Group, offering its technical expertise and know-how in lime production to all end-markets. Its team of engineers works hand-in-hand with customers and application experts to tailor its solutions to each and every situation.

We can offer full services from mining to plant commissioning and operation, from maintenance to boosting kilns and much more.
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TECforLime Expertise

  • Technical know-how combined with production expertise

    • Integrated plants
    • Focus on efficiency and quality
    • Lime production specialists
    • Decades of expertise
    • 80 plants running successfully
    • Business risk minimized
  • Cost competitive solutions

    • Optimized plants
    • The right lime quality
    • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
    • Different technologies
    • Digitalization
    • Experienced teams
  • Widest range of services and supports in one platform

    • Technical advice and support
    • Emergency interventions
    • Equipment solutions
    • Software solutions
    • Back-up capacity from Carmeuse global network

TECforLime Multiservice Platform


  • Feasibility study
  • Plant design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software development
  • Plant Automation

Feasibility study

Is the Project Feasible? Is the CAPEX correct? Are the necessary technologies, resources and personnel available to meet the required OPEX? How long would be the Return on Investment?


The analysis of these questions involves many factors including technical, economic and legal issues in order to assess the project successfully.


TECforLime can assist company management to identify any positive and negative characteristics of an idea before the investment of time and money when that idea is transformed into a project.


To minimize your risk and maximise the probability of success, TECforLime can assist you, as this is one of our day-to-day activities.

Plant design

For your projects, TECforLime can design a new plant, modify an existing plant or study and design a plant expansion. We can also plan the different stages of any refurbishments required on your plant.


TECforLime designs target optimum functionality, CAPEX and OPEX, as well as a reliable ROI and the lowest possible impact on the environment.


TECforLime designs ensure that the components and process are perfectly matched to produce the target product quality.

Mechanical Engineering

TECforLime mechanical engineers apply their proven experience of lime production plants both inside and outside of the Carmeuse Group.

Our engineers apply more than just physics, mathematics, mechanical system design and 3D layout design to your projects; they provide improvements based upon many years of experience working in multiple production plants. This extended knowledge is at the service of TECforLime customers.

TECforLime mechanical design covers the design of the system, the production process, as well as the ease of operations and maintenance.

Electrical Engineering

The expertise of TECforLime electrical and instrument engineers is available to our customers in order to design new installations or assess existing installations.


Our E&I engineers actively assist our Process engineers during the construction and commissioning phases of projects.


TECforLime E&I engineers can design and specify both the electrical system components and any instruments required to run the plant.

Software development

The need for ever tighter plant quality control requires a software system customized to the needs of 365 day a year continuous production.


For this reason, TECforLime software is constantly being updated to the latest production needs. Our functional descriptions for the plant control system cover all phases of the production process.


With many years of operation in Carmeuse plants worldwide, TECforLime software systems have been developed to overcome potential problems, or critical events during the production process.

Plant Automation

Through many years of running automated plants, TECforLime Automation engineers have a deep understanding of the control systems required on a lime plant.


TECforLime automation specialists have created automatic control systems on numerous plants to supervise, control, or acquire data. Our systems facilitate the operator to increase the accuracy and quality of their day-to-day operations.


  • Complete kiln
  • Key Equipment
  • Fuel injection
  • Solid Fuel
  • Quarry Equipment
  • PLC + Software

Complete kiln

Not only can we advise on the best kiln for your process, stone and application, we can also help you to optimize or boost kiln output.


We also take into account environmental aspects by maximizing efficiency and minimizing emissions.

Key Equipment

Whether considering a new kiln or some changes in parts of the plant (e.g. storage, hydration,briquetting, material handling, etc) our team can advise and provide equipment. This also includes refractories, blowers, filters, etc.

Fuel injection

TECforLime fuel injection is smoother and more consistent.
Its has a more accurate adjustment for extreme ambient temperatures and changes in air pressure, more stable idling, decreased maintenance needs and better fuel efficiency.

Solid Fuel

Inform TECforLime which type of solid fuel your system will burn and we will provide you with the best solution and design. Solid fuels have been extensively used in TECforLime plants for more than 35 years.

TECforLime engineers have designed, installed, commissioned and operated plants around the world that utilize a varied selection of solid fuels.

Quarry Equipment

Carmeuse Group, TECforLime’s mother company, operates more than 50 quarries around the world. Experience from these operations mean that TECforLime is in the best position to help you for the selection of the quarry equipment.

PLC + Software

The TECforLime PLC is an industrial system with a reliable software program designed to control the entire production process and handle alarms with minimal operator input. The program is designed to allow the operator to diagnose process issues rapidly.


  • Geological survey
  • Laboratory test
  • Fuel investigation
  • Plant audit
  • Material handling
  • Hazard audit
  • Emissions optimization
  • Major repair
  • Training
  • Start-up
  • Commissioning
  • Operations
  • Remote assistance

Geological survey

TECforLime “Geologist Protocol” is one of the services of TECforLime MULTISERVICE PLATFORM. This protocol is based on experience operating more than 50 quarries worldwide in our group.

TECforLime geologist will investigate your open pit quarry or underground quarry.

We assist customers to classify their quarry: From GPS mapping to developing the quarry operation plan study and the quarry design itself up to the offer of equipment and quarry start-up.

This TECforLime service is addressed to both lime producers and stone mining companies.

The Geologist Protocol offers the opportunity to determine whether the physical and chemical characteristics of the stone are suitable for lime production in the selected kiln type.

Once the Protocol results are provided, the customer would have the tools to establish an optimized quarry where the right size of material is supplied to the plant at right time and in the correct quantity.

The Protocol would ensure that a mining company would have a best practice to run a quarry efficiently and satisfy its customers.

Owing to its group company’s presence worldwide, TECforLime has a global stone database. Customer stones can be compared and benchmarked with other stones in the database

The TECforLime Multiservice Platform also offers the Geolab Protocol; this is a combination of the Geologist and Stone Laboratory Protocols.

Laboratory test

Stone quality clearly greatly influences the final quality and quantity of lime produced by a kiln.

TECforLime’s core values include the minimization of customer investment and risk in all project phases. For this reason, we offer the customer stone testing and evaluation services based on the TECforLime Laboratory Protocol.

The customer has the opportunity to execute tests in the Carmeuse mother company’s in-house laboratory. Here, our tests have been specially developed over the last 20 years and are used to evaluate and validate different feed stones to determine whether they are suitable for a specific kiln type and what would be the likely lime yield.

The TECforLime Multiservice Platform also offers the Geolab Protocol; this is a combination of the Geologist and Stone Laboratory Protocols.

Fuel investigation

We can provide advice on fuel conversion, such as the conversion from coal to biomass.

Based on our long experience of operating kilns with varying fuels and understanding the link between fuel type and product quality, TECforLime can help you select the right fuel to meet your process needs.

We can provide engineering and process support during equipment selection, implementation and start-up phases of projects.

Plant audit

TECforLime team would visit your plant and carry out an analysis of its performance. We would provide you with a report detailing conclusions of the audit and recommendations for performance improvements. These recommendations would focus on efficiency, yield, quality, environment, waste and sustainability.

Owing to TECforLime’s experience, the audit can also provide a benchmark of your performance and the potential for optimization.

Material handling

Material handling plays a very important role in stone mining, lime production and logistics.

The TECforLime “Survey Protocol” is one of the services included under the TECforLime MULTISERVICE PLATFORM.

This protocol is the combined knowledge of materials handling and storage gained through the operation of more than 90 plants and 50 quarries worldwide across our Group.

Material Handling is an integrated part of the production system: The efficient flow of materials is heavily dependent on the plant layout arrangement.

TECforLime can assist you by offering its Survey Protocol for existing plants to modify or optimize Material handling.

In addition, TECforLime can offer material handling engineering design and/or equipment. If a new kiln is foreseen on the project, TECforLime can integrate any material handling aspects within the plant design.

Hazard audit

From TECforLime’s MULTISERVICE PLATFORM we can provide Hazard Assessments for your existing and/or new plant.

Choosing TECforLime’s Hazard Assessment, we can identify conditions that can cause harm or damage to humans, property, and the surrounding area.

We have experts who can do an Industrial hazard audit and recommend action plans for improvement.

In case of a plant expansion or improvement (e.g. new fuel system), TECforLime’s Hazard Assessment makes you confident it will be integrated seamlessly into your existing plant.

Emissions optimization

Pollution from a plant can have adverse effects on humans and the surrounding ecosystem. Pollutants emitted from a plant could be in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases.

The TECforLime MULTISERVICE PLATFORM proposes services to measure and benchmark customer emissions compared to other existing kilns with similar configuration.

We analyse reasons for high emissions and propose solutions to mitigate pollution of various pollutants such as dust, NOx, SOx, CO, HCL…


Major repair

TECforLime can assist those customers intending to, or having the responsibility to refurbish a plant.

Owing to our past experiences around the world, we are familiar with many undesirable situations and have a wide knowledge of any repair operations required.

TECforLime’s aim is to provide smart simple solutions  to meet the customer’s desired  goals and time constraints.


We can provide different levels of training aimed at Production Operations Staff, Plant Engineers or Plant Management on your site or at our premises to ensure your operational team has the necessary toolkit to run the plant and the kiln in the most efficient manner.


TECforLime can execute kiln start-ups not only on TECforLime supplied kilns, but will also execute or supervise the start-up phase of any other lime plant, whether a brand new installation or an expansion of an existing plant.


The TECforLime Commissioning Protocol ensures that all  plant systems are installed and tested correctly and are able to operate in accordance to the agreed operational targets.

We offer our Commissioning Protocol not only to TECforLime plants, but can also execute, or supervise, the commissioning phase of any new lime plant or expansion of an existing lime plant.

Said protocol could be applied to new plants, existing units, plant expansion, renovation and revamping.

Our technicians inspect the functionality of every plant component individually to ensure their perfect integration into the entire plant.

The ultimate objective of the TECforLime Commissioning Protocol is to handover a plant to the customer that is reliably running under constant conditions, whilst safely producing the target quality of lime at the desired throughput.


In specific cases, we can also run and operate the plant on your behalf.

Remote assistance

If customers are new to the lime production process, or just require additional support during start-up or implementation of process changes, TECforLime engineers can provide remote support on a regular basis to help deal with day-to-day operations.

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A selection of projects in different fields which have been realized by TECforLime.



    From the TECforLime Multiservice Platform, the construction of a lime plant in Europe.



    From the TECforLime Multiservice Platform, GEOLAB protocol execution in America



    From the TECforLime Multiservice Platform, we run a full lime plant in Africa on behalf of the customer

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